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heavy rain in Korea
Heavy rain pounding the country’s metropolitan and central regions since Saturday has been causing growing casualties and heavy property damage, with the number of people killed approaching 20, according to disaster relief officials Thursday. Major highways running across Seoul including Dongbu and Olympic expressways were partly closed, causing enormous inconvenience to many commuters who chose...
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seoul rain hab korea
Heavy rain and strong winds lashed South Korea today, prompting authorities to issue weather alerts and call for citizens to take caution against possible damage. Heavy rain hit the central and eastern parts of the country, including the Chungcheong region and Gangwon Province, and the southernmost island of Jeju, according to the Korea Meteorological Administration...
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This week would be perfect for you who enjoy winter outdoor sports. The clear and cold winter weather is expected to continue for the time being, with temperatures below freezing to work on today. According to the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA), the temperature of the southwest wind is expected to rise temporarily due to the...
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In the evening of November 21 Seoul, the temperature is expected to drop further due to high pressure from the continent that is expanding in the northwestern region. As a result, the lowest temperature in the morning in Seoul is forecast to be 5 degrees Celsius. In the afternoon, the temperature will rise a little...
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