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Travel Trend

The coronavirus pandemic has reshaped the travel habits of South Koreans, with more people taking spontaneous trips to camping sites or luxury hotels. Accommodation choices have also changed amid the rise of the “untact economy.” Demand for camping sites in Korea surged 73 percent from February to late April versus the same period a year...
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The threshold for luxury hotels has been lowered, with the concept of ‘hocance’, a combination of “hotel + vacation” becoming one of the most common forms of travel. Even if guests do not stay overnight, hotels are turning into a place where guests can spend few hours together by having meals or holding meetings. A...
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Backpacking activity
One of the following trends from the year 2018 will be seen in 2019 is travel. Every year, new travel themes and ideas have been introduced, and so has the travel trend. The world’s largest online hotel booking platform “Booking. com” has unveiled the “Eight travel trends in 2019”. Book your Hanbok Photo Session 1....
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