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With the continuing spread of COVID-19, the number of travelers visiting their hometowns or traveling locally during the upcoming Chuseok holiday is expected to decrease 30 percent from last year. The Transport Ministry said most travelers appear to be using cars for their travel. It predicted the morning hours of Sept. 30 and afternoon of...
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When you think of Korea, what comes to mind? Maybe Kpop? Or Samsung? Or possibly even Korean food? However, there is another aspect of Korea that not many people even consider. Something which I believe should come to mind when you think of Korea. That thing is nature.  Why You Need to Leave Seoul With...
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Tourists who come to Korea may want to try Korean traditional food during their trip, but what if they get tired of Korean food? If you are a foreigner who came to Korea and got tired of rice and spicy food(lol), or if your friend who visited you in Korea got tired of Korean food,...
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