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Stunned by his fans’ artistic talent, V of K-pop boy group BTS asked some fans to join his agency, Big Hit Entertainment. On February 13, V joined BTS’ global fan community Weverse to interact with his fans. As soon as they found out that V is currently logged in, some fans showed their drawings and...
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V of K-pop boy group BTS delivered his heartfelt prayers to the fans in the Philippines. On January 14, one Filipino ARMY (BTS’ official fan club) shared a post on Weverse about the volcanic eruption that is currently affecting the entire country. └ BTS Weverse 」 ➜ 200114 {07:01KST} | V’s comments 📷 everyone please...
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V of BTS posted photos on Weverse about his “Subway ride” and people buzzed over social media with their reactions to a sight that is something out of their imagination. On January 11, V unveiled the photo with the words “I loved it!” on BTS Weverse (BTS official Fan community site). In the photo, V...
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