'Taxi Driver' Will Be Entered In Oscars

‘Taxi Driver’ Will Be Entered In Oscars

'Taxi Driver' Will Be Entered In Oscars

The Korean movie ‘Taxi Driver’ was selected as a representative work of Korean movie to the 90th Academy Awards in Foreign Films.

The foreign language film sector, in which ‘Taxi Driver’ is shown on the Academy film, the biggest filmmaker in the United States since 1929, can only register one copy per country, which adds meaning to the selection of ‘Taxi Driver’.

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The selection committee member of the Academy Foreign Language Film Division said, “Based on the true story, I expressed not only the specificity of Korea but also the Asian human rights and democratization process.Of course, the film is also excellent work, so the judges agreed.”

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Song Gang-ho is going to be the main actor of the Korean Academy Awards for the third consecutive year following the 88th and 89th Academy Awards Film Awards Foreign Film Films ‘Sado’ and ‘Moo Jeong’ in Korea. Korean films have never been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language.

The winners of the 90th Academy Awards will be announced next February 2018.

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