Walking Around Hongdae with Korean Oppa Charlie

Team HaB Korea

We are a group of travel professionals, tour guides and DMC coordinators
who are passionate about building new ides into tourism industry.

Thomas Kim

Tour Guide

I enjoy meeting people from all over the world. I also would like to let them know something related to Korea. Tourists like my pictures very much, even though I am not a professional photographer.

Jake Yoo

Tour Guide, Snap Photographer

I love meeting new friends and traveling all over the world. That’s why I’m working as a tour guide in Korea! Also, I like taking pictures. I’m a semi-professional photographer, so I don’t mind sharing my photos with you. I have a lot of experience giving tours having received my tour guide license in 2014. I have a Kia Carnival van that can fit 7 people max and have a safe driving record.

Lyn Sojeong Han

Sales Manager

I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration. I am an optimist, tend to think in a positive way. I am also passionate about challenging new areas or jobs that give a positive impact on me.

Chance Kim

Mountain Expert / Mt Photographer at Outdoors Korea

I am a specialized outdoor person who has climbed almost every beautiful mountain in Korea and has a special affection for photographs of mountains. Also has the ability being a guide all of the mountains and tourist attraction in Korea.

Kyeoungrae(Eric) Min

Photographer & Travel Blogger

I am Travel Blogger for 5 years and professional photographer for SnapI had lots of traveling in Seoul, GyeonGi-do, Gangwon-do, Chungcheoung-Do and Jeju.And I usually introduced historical place, National museum and Chosun Palace through Blog. I worked for a sales company for over 13 years before. At that time I worked with Foreigner and I visited other countries. I love the beautiful Korean landscape and I take a natural snap photo. I hope to share a beautiful place and history.I am studying travel writing for making a travel book. It is my dream.

Ethan Brooke

Photographer and blogger, Seoulinspired

My name is Ethan and I am a photographer based in Seoul. Originally from New Zealand, I came to Seoul two years ago to study at university. While here I have grown my passion for photography and it always challenges me to take better photos and explore the city. This has given me a lot of knowledge about Korea, and I have come to love Seoul, for both the good and not so good aspects.

“John” Sung-Chul, Boo

Tour Guide, University Professor and Private pilot in Jeju Island

I am planning to explore a few private tour courses for foreign tourist in Jeju-do. The main theme of the tour courses would be natural volcanic site and forest trail of the mountain area trailing. Also, the unique history and culture of the local will be included.

Eunyeong Kwon

Contents Creative Manager of HaB Korea

I have always enthusiastically loved my mother country, Korea, ever since I was young and I have wanted to work to make Korea more known to the world. I love meeting foreigners who love Korea more than anyone and want to find ways to repay their interest in Korea. Thanks to my personality and fluent foreign languages, it’s always more than a pleasure for me to meet foreigners who come to Korea!

Charlie Kim

Tour Planning Manager and Tour Guide

I studied Tourism at Central Philippines University. I am a tour Planning Manager and Tour Guide at HaB Korea and owner of Charlie guesthouse. I want to give it back the favor and love which I got from abroad.

Esther Kim the Tour Guide

Esther Kim

Tour Guide, International Conference Interpreter

As a professional English tour guide, I have successfully performed numerous VIP and corporate incentive tours such as LG, Samsung, embassy and etc. events held in Korea. I am also very happy to meet many customers who became my friends from all over the world through lots of family-sized or small FIT tours. 

“Adella” Booyeon Kim

Freelancer Tour Guide

My all careers are related to tourism. I served a foreign engineer, had a lot of meeting and am currently operating Airbnb house. I would like to serve what I expect to tour guide.

Tommy Lie


Hi, thank you for your visit. My name is Tommy and I’m from Indonesia currently studying Korean language at Yonsei University.

My passion is photography and I would really be honored if you let me be the one to capture your memories here in a beautiful city of Seoul. Don’t hesitate to ask me any question you might have.

Daniel Kim

Founder, CEO and Photographer

I’m trying to achieve that my company, HaB Korea, we are a group of travel professionals, tour guides and DMC coordinators who are passionate about building new ideas into the tourism industry. For every piece of work, we pour in our love and skills, resulting in a well-crafted and well-admired masterpiece.

Mickey Park

Tour Guide in Jeju Island

Hi, this is Mickey Park, English speaking tour guide in Jeju Island. I am Jeju native born in Jeju Island. That’s why I know more about Jeju’s beauty and hidden attractions than anyone else.

MinChul Kim

Chinese Tour Guide

I have prepared a lot of time for a pleasant and happy tourist guide. If you have come to enjoy a pleasant trip, please visit Korea with me. I’m searching and studying good places such as hidden gourmandize restaurants and Instagramable spots.

Kate Kim

Operations Manager

I understand the needs of our customers according to the rapidly changing travel industry trends and provide personalized private travel services to them. With my expertise, I will try to do my best to give unforgettable memory in Korea to our customers.

Daniel Jeong

Traveler and Photographer

I love traveling and taking photos so that I can capture the moment of precious memory. I’ll help you make and remember the beautiful moments of your trip to Korea.

Min Hwan ‘Martin’ KIM

Traveler and Photographer

I have 10 years of work experience. I have three experiences in overseas volunteering. I’ve watched three World Cups from abroad. I love backpack travel, enjoy trekking, and like climbing. I love music and movies very much. Above all, I love to meet new friends and smile with them.

So guys say Cheese!

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