The BTS ranked first in the US Google Trends search ranking | HaB

The BTS ranked first in the US Google Trends search ranking

BTS attended the ‘2017 American Music Awards’ held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California on November 19 (local time) and BTS showed the explosive response of local fans as well as showcasing the title song ‘DNA’ of LOVE YOURSELF Her, which was loved around the world.

Just after the awards ceremony, the BTS appeared in the ranking of the Google Trends in the US and showed a difference of more than 2 times from the 2nd place. This is proof that the AMAs stage of the BTS captures not only the audience but also the American viewers.

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On the day, ‘AMAs’ placed the BTS at the front row of the awards ceremony and gave a special treatment to raise the awards ceremony highlights just before the performance of Diana Ross, winner of the stage commendation award.

The world class DJ Duo and The Chainsmokers are also saying that “International superstars”, and once again proved the global status of the BTS.

After performance, BTS said “We did not think that we could come to the American Music Awards after the Billboard Music Awards in May, but it was like a dream to perform. I think it is a great honor.”

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The BTS ranked first in the US Google Trends search ranking

“It was very meaningful to show our stage to fans around the world and to a lot of new people around the world. Many people sang and cheered on the stage, so I was really happy on stage, and I am very happy to finish the performance with my best effort.”

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Google Trends indexes the number of times users search for a particular keyword to show public interest and calculates it based on Big Data.

On the other hand, the BTS plans to return home after digesting the remaining schedule.

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