The Coldest Day of Winter in Korea!

On the 12th January of Friday, the cold weather will be the coldest this winter, with the middle of the central region falling to -20 degrees.

The Korea Meteorological Administration predicted on the 11th that the whole country will be mostly clear due to the influence of the high pressure in central China, but the central region will have many clouds at night. In Chungnam, Jeolla and Jeju, there is a lot of clouds and there is a place where snow till the morning.

The Coldest Day of Winter in Korea!

By the morning of December 12, the forecast snowfall will be about 5 ~ 20㎝ in the mountains of Ulleungdo, Dokdo and Jeju Island, 2 ~ 5㎝ in Jeolla West Sea and Jeju, 1㎝ in the west coast of Chungnam, Chonnam inland and 5 degrees in the west sea.

The same forecasted rainfall is about 5 ~ 20㎜ in Ulleungdo, Dokdo, Jeju Island, 5㎜ in Chonnam, West Chungcheong, and West Sea 5 °.

The lowest temperature in the morning is -23 to -6 degrees Celsius, and the daytime temperature is expected to drop 2 to 3 degrees from the previous day (day 11) at -7 degrees Celsius. Some inland will drop below minus 15 degrees Celsius, and will remain very cold during the day. Especially, it is expected that the livestock will be affected by the cold, the East Sea of ​​vinyl house crops, and the frozen water pipe.

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The cold will continue until the 13th, and I will gradually release from the 14th on Sunday.

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