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“The Evolution of the K-Zombie” Kingdom season 2 rating, high-flying

“Kingdom,” which showed the infinite potential of Korean zombies, is gaining positive reviews from around the world as it has improved further through season 2.

"The Evolution of the K-Zombie" Kingdom season 2 rating, high-flying

According to Rotten Tomato, a website specializing in movie and drama ratings, the Netflix original series “Kingdom” Season 2 released in 190 countries on March 13 has a freshness index of 100 percent as of March 19. The figure is up from 93 percent of season 1 released last year.

Critics who watched season 2 of “Kingdom” commented that “Kingdom” added a new twist to zombies without wasting time, avoiding unnecessary elements and showing value with coherent stories,” and that “Kingdom in the second season gave us a satisfying, very enjoyable time as we continued the greatness of the first season.”

Also, season 2 of ‘Kingdom’ is perfect. “The best part of this series is that history and politics improve the genre elements,” he said of Zombie production in Korea, praising “Korean zombie” and dealing with the dark struggle of power against the backdrop of the Joseon Dynasty.

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"The Evolution of the K-Zombie" Kingdom season 2 rating, high-flying

On IMDb, a movie and drama information site, season 2 is also getting better reviews than season 1. Season 2 of “Kingdom” has been gaining popularity, with episode 5, in particular, recording a rating of 9.3. The first episode of last season saw a sharp rise from the mid-7-8 rating.

The setting of “the country is in a total mess” as a result of the outbreak of “Zombie plague” is also drawing attention as it overlaps with the “Pandemic” of COVID-19.

Forbes, a U.S. business magazine, encouraged people to watch “Kingdom” on Netflix if they are worried about the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Forbes said, “It was kind of strange to watch the drama amid the rising fear of the COVID-19. While watching the show, it was surreal to hear the news that the new virus was spreading from China to Korea, and further to Italy and the rest of the world,” he said. “Looking at Netflix’s great series, ‘Kingdom,’ will make us happy that COVID-19 is just a bad virus and not the beginning of a zombie catastrophe. “Kingdom” is the best zombie show I’ve ever seen. There are political conspiracies and dramas like ‘Game of Thrones’ and much faster than ‘Walking Dead’,” he introduced.

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Meanwhile, season 2 of “Kingdom” is a mystery thriller about a crisis in which the dead have come to life and become a living hell, the greed of the Cho family, who aspire to the throne, and the bloody battle of the crown prince’s creativity that has left no one to believe.

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