The festival scene of three-day Christmas holiday in Korea

The festival scene of three-day Christmas holiday in Korea

The festival scene of three-day Christmas holiday in Korea

On the first day of the three-day Christmas holiday, the festival scene and the ski area were crowded with people who enjoyed winter romance. The coldest day has returned, the highest temperature in the day has risen to around 10 degrees, and the Christmas holidays have begun, so you are out on the outdoors.

The festival scene of three-day Christmas holiday in Korea

In the Gangwon Pyeongchang where the Trout Festival is held, tourists caught fresh trout with ice fishing, tent fishing, indoor fishing. Some tourists have enjoyed winter festivals by catching trout with their bare hands in cold water. At the festival site, ‘2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games Success G-50 Pyeongchang Expedition & National Fishing Festival’ was held.

Gyeonggang Line (KTX), which connects Seoul and Gangneung, was officially opened on the 22nd December. Tourists who came to KTX on the first weekend enjoyed the romanticism of the winter sea by searching the Gyeongpo Sea and Anmok Coffee Street in Gangneung. Especially, many tourists like family and lovers gathered in Jeongdongjin, a place of sunrise a week earlier than others.

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Suncheonman Bay Garden Winter Starlight Festival 2017

Tourists who visited the Suncheonman Bay Garden where the Starlight Festival is held and Damyang Metasequoia Road where the winter Santa Festival was held enjoyed the holiday with various performances such as Santa & snow parade, carol dance, carol marching band performances and magic, and marionette puppet show.

20,000 people visited the dried persimmon festival held at the Sangju Indoor Gymnasium in Gyeongbuk Province and enjoyed various events on the theme of dried persimmon.

In Cheongdo bullfighting festival was held in 2017 to cover the best battle cows. More than 4,000 spectators cheered for bullfighting contests.

There were many people who enjoyed skiing, snow sledding, and skating.

The festival scene of three-day Christmas holiday in Korea

Gangwon Jeongseon High One Ski Resort, Pyeongchang Phoenix Snow Park, and Hongcheon Daemyung Ski Resort. Gwangju City outdoor skating rink, snow sledding room, Daejeon Expo Citizen Plaza skating rink, Cheonan evergreen resort sled area were family members with children.

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Everland in Gyeonggi Province, there are a pack of people crowd trying to enjoy the sled in the snowfield with their family.

More than 42,000 domestic and foreign tourists visited Jeju. Tourists came to visit famous tourist attractions such as Jungmun Tourism Complex, Seongsan Ilchulbong and Sanbangsan. Citizens and tourists who visited Halla Mountain eorimok, a snow world event hosted by the Jeju Tourism Festival sponsored a ‘2018 Jeju Winter Festival’, enjoyed snowy sleds, snow bumpers, curling, and ice hockey experience.

It has been crowded all day long with people looking for a big Christmas tree and busking performance, which is glittering in the streets of Cheongsong Road in Jeju City named as ‘Snow City’

The festival scene of three-day Christmas holiday in Korea

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