[Jeju] The ISLAND FEST BOMB 2017

The ISLAND FEST BOMB 2017 organized by Playce Camp Jeju will be held on October 20 and 21 for two days.

ISLAND FEST BOMB is one of the year-round content of Playce Camp Jeju’s festival brand ‘Island Fest’. In July, after 5,000 people visited JJAN, the first beer festival in Jeju, JJAN, which explores the passion of youth in the fall season. Prepared music festival! Friends, family, and lovers can enjoy DJ music just like a festival, not just for the younger generation.


<Island Fest Night> introduces two posters with the slogan ‘The beginning of youth’, notifying the beginning of a new DJ festival culture that can be enjoyed by friends, family and lovers, not just for young generations.

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The festival will be held non-stop from 6 pm to 6 pm from the beginning of the sunset. The festival will be based on Youth Music Electronic Music, which is based on hip-hop, jazz, rock, drama and movie OST, POP and other genres. MixSets featuring each genre and DJ’s personality are going to show the decisive qualities of ‘Gurgaism’ as a sound that explodes the beat and emotion of heartbeat.


Maximite who is the producer of the hit song of IOI “Pick me”, Shaun a genius musician who has been featured in remix video of Red velvet’s “Russian roulette” on a recent SNS, Bagagee Viphex13 who is world class DJ, Insidecore who is a representative of domestic dance music scene, and a hot rookie Aster former model who has a unique mashup sound. The team’s lineup further maximizes the performance expectations.

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In addition to the stunning stage effects of fireworks, pollen and lasers, the 21st (Saturday) day, and the color powder dance stage ‘Color BOMB’ for the first time in Jeju, To the beginner of electronic music, anyone who has dreamed of a departure will find a hidden festival and present a ‘New Jeju Night’ that has never been experienced before.

ISLAND FEST BOMB 2017 line up

It is the festival which enjoys the music of the life which you loved the most in the hip! Jeju Jeju Jeju 14 DJ teams in Jeju, regardless of genre, 360 seconds non-stop stage generation! DJ music festival that remixes various genres of music in their own colors.


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