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Over the past 10 or so years, Kpop has grown from being almost unheard of to be one of the most popular genres of music worldwide. With groups like BTS pushing Korean music, it seems like every year the popularity grows.

Kpop is famous for not only the songs but also for the fantastic performances. Even for a non-Kpop fan, these performances are some of the most interesting and exciting shows that you can see.

The Single Best Kpop Festival - Seoul Music Awards
Solar at the Seoul Music Awards

While many bands focus on the music, Kpop is more than that – it’s a combination of perfectly synced choreography, amazing vocals, and a very strong personal aspect. Even though you may only see idols on TV and Youtube, you can feel like you know them personally.

Throughout the year there are many Kpop performances. In Korea alone, there are hundreds! However, none are more prestigious than the Seoul Music Awards. In this awards ceremony, not only are the most popular bands recognised, but also the best OSTs of the year, the best album, and more.

The 29th Seoul Music Awards concluded on the 30th of January 2019 at the Gocheok Skydome. With over 10 artists in attendance, it was an amazing festival to attend and something that I will never forget.

Despite being labelled as an ‘awards ceremony’, the event was so much more. Awards were handed out in many different categories, however, the speakers and awards were split, with acts in between them. With the exception of BTS and EXO (who unfortunately couldn’t attend this year’s Seoul Music Awards), every award-winning group and artist put up performances between the speakers.

Mamamoo at Seoul Music Awards
Mamamoo at Seoul Music Awards

This alone made the night fantastic. Where else can you see 10 different Kpop groups and artists perform in one place in a matter of hours? On top of this though, the production quality was A+. Really, it was amazing. I have been to many different performances in my life, but I have never attended one that was so well designed and executed. 

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The stage itself stood out due to its sheer size. But even further, the effects were amazing. From fire sprinklers to smoke machines that made smoke rings, from illusions that made the stage seem even bigger than it was to a vast range of effects that made every performance truly unique. I was stunned by how well not only the performers performed but also with how well the effects and stage synced with the overall act.

The show itself was around 3 hours long. Throughout that time, the best Rookie act, most popular act, best OST and more were shown – with performances from each. Despite being such a big event, the venue wasn’t overcrowded and that made for an even better viewing experience.

Super Junior Seoul Music Awards
Super Junior at the Seoul Music Awards

Perhaps my favourite act was the best rookie act. Although the rookies may be new to the scene, there was no way you could tell that from their act! While many of the other artists are already well known, it was a great way to see the new and upcoming music and groups from Korea.

Although I already knew about most Kpop groups, there were still a few rookie groups that I learnt about and was impressed with. I will definitely be checking out their music in the next few days! Despite seeing many Kpop performances before, I was also amazed by the performances from more established groups – particularly Super Junior and Mamamoo.

Kpop is known for its stage presence. While many singers just sing, Kpop takes it up a notch. With the singing comes dancing, and with the dancing, comes some amazing performances that really can’t be seen anywhere else.

The Single Best Kpop Festival - Seoul Music Awards
Super Junior at the Seoul Music Awards

Both Super Junior and Mamamoo dominated the stages and drew everyone’s attention instantly. Although the other groups and singers also killed it, these two groups, in particular, stood out. The performances were so well practised and executed that you really couldn’t help but watch in awe.

If you are looking for the BEST show of Korean music that the world has to offer then check out the Seoul Music Awards. The acts are top-class, the audience is fun, and no compromise is made in presenting the best show possible.

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What are you waiting for? Pre-purchase your tickets now!

General Tips For Visiting The Event

  • Purchase tickets online if possible. This will allow you to get to the event, pick up your tickets, and then relax until the stadium is open. On top of this, it will also allow you to get the best seats possible without having to be there very early.
  • You can arrive late! Generally, the ticket pickup time is around two hours. This means that you can arrive anytime within a two hours period. However, if you get there early you will have to wait. Since the tickets are for specific seats, you don’t need to worry about being early. Your seat will be saved for you.
  • Merchandise is available from vendors at the door. If you forget to bring merchandise for your favourite group, don’t worry! There are a lot of vendors located around the Skydome that sell different signs and other goods that you can show during the show.
  • There are also food options nearby. If you want to arrive early, but also want to eat (like I did!), don’t worry. There are a lot of food stores located around (and in) the Skydome. If you arrive hungry, there are a lot of different options and you are sure to find somewhere that suits your needs.

Getting There

The stadium is located on Line 1, near Guil station. While there are some other stations close by, Guil is the easiest way to get to the Skydome. Since Line 1 is one of Seoul’s most popular metro lines, this also makes it very convenient to visit. Whether you are staying in Hongdae, Myeongdong or Dongdaemun, you can reach the Skydome very easily and in a relatively short time!

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