The taste of eating galbi off the bone, Galbitang

The taste of eating galbi off the bone, Galbitang

There are various Korean boyangsik(“healing foods”) made by boiling meat or bones for a long period of time. Among these, galbitang(short rib soup) is regarded more highly for its refreshing taste and generous amounts of meat. It’s no wonder that galbitang is a favorite dish for weddings.

In the past, Galbitang was made by simply boiling water and galbi(short ribs), but these days it has been modified in various ways to make either “nutritious galbitang,” giving off a strong aroma of Oriental medicine and made with ginseng, jujubes and pine nuts, or “wanggalbitang(king galbitang),”

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which refers to the particularly large ribs that people enjoy eating with their hands. Sagolgomtang(beef leg bone broth soup) and kkorigomtang(thick beef oxtail bone soup) are both made by pouring in more water several times while boiling the broth, but galbitang is different in that it is only boiled just long enough to bring out the best taste of the ribs.

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Ugeoji(outer cabbage leaf) galbitang, made with cabbage and doen jang(soybean paste), is also called ugeojigalbihaejangguk(‘hangover cure’ galbitang with ugeoji) for its popularity with those who enjoy alcohol. It is also a popular lunch food for office workers. Ugeoji, which uses only the outer leaves of a cabbage, is rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, making it a perfect diet and beauty food.


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