The Vietnamese version of kimbap rolls make people in the homeland of this dish also crave.

Kimbap is a Korean dish that has become popular and widely loved around the globe. In Vietnam, kimbap is so familiar that trolley snack bars sell this dish as well. In particular, kimbap is favored by students – students, office workers because it ensures 3 criteria of deliciousness – cheapness – fullness.

The “national” dish of Korea when returning to Vietnam also has many changes and improvements to suit Vietnamese tastes. Large restaurants and eateries often have improvements in taste to attract customers. That is why in Vietnam there are a series of unique versions of kimbap in appearance, attractive in taste.

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The Vietnamese version of kimbap rolls make people in the homeland of this dish also crave.

Keeping the recipe of rice roll with seaweed shell, inside the filling of meats, vegetables, eggs …, Vietnamese people have come up with many delicious kimbap flavors.

On Korean website theqoo recently, there was a topic about kimbap variations in Vietnam, which attracted a lot of discussion from netizens. Koreans all expressed great interest in seeing their homeland food in full and attractive versions when sold in Vietnam.

Some responses from Korean netizens:

– “Look super delicious, let me eat with”.

– “There are types that don’t even have rice”.

– “Is the last one fried up kimbap? It looks so delicious ”.

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– “Why have I never tried to make fried kimbap like them?”.

– “Can we import it to Korea again?” I want to try the number 2 “.

– “Why is it like a diet, without rice”.

– “Kimbap became Vietnamese food too”.

In Korea, most people only eat the traditional type with rice-roll seaweed, but in Vietnam, the filling has been flexibly varied with many types of meat and vegetables. It is this “sticky meat” filling that has created a highlight for Vietnamese kimbap, both in sight and taste.

SOURCE: Kenh14

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