Alice in Wonderland, a fairy tale that everyone has ever read. If you have ever wanted to enter the world of fairy tales, take note of this article.

Things to do in Seoul - Alice in Wonderland exhibition

Recently, various social networking sites share photos of an exhibition of experiences that seem to have moved the world from the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland.”

Things to do in Seoul - Alice in Wonderland exhibition

Every photo released is filled with a mysterious atmosphere. The harmony between space and props is noticeable. In particular, the photos of people who showed their charms under the colorful lights are a “Once in a Lifetime photo”

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The exhibition is “Alice in Wonderland,” which has been held since 6th January at the War Memorial of Korea in Yongsan, Seoul.

Alice in Wonderland is an experimental exhibition with the concept of the fairy tale Alice in Wonderland.

Things to do in Seoul - Alice in Wonderland exhibition

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Because it follows the flow of the story in the fairy tale, you can start an exciting adventure by becoming ‘Alice’ at the same time as you become ‘Alice.

Things to do in Seoul - Alice in Wonderland exhibition

As soon as you step into this place, you will see a mysterious world that you have never experienced before.

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There is a place where you can experience adventures from the cave where Alice jumped along the white rabbit and the stepping stone where the water spattered like crossing a stream.

Things to do in Seoul - Alice in Wonderland exhibition

Also, “The Mad Hatter” and “Cheshire Cat” that can break dishes and play various games while having tea time with a long hat and a long life are also inspiring imagination.

On top of this, the Rose Garden of Light, the Secret mirror room of Alice, and the clock space of 6 o’clock can be filled with pictures of daydreaming.

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