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BTS’ history-making stadium show at Citi Field in New York on Saturday will be remembered as the group’s best moment by many fans around the world.

Every performance and every word by the band during the nearly three-hour show must have been special to fans, but here are the top three onstage moments that will not lose their luster over time.

Top 3 moments of BTS’ Citi Field concert in NYC Top 3 moments of BTS’ Citi Field concert in NYC

1. V’s slip during ‘Anpanman’

So many things happened during BTS’ “Anpanman” performance. V, who is seen wearing a bandana around his head, slips on the floor while performing the song. After falling on his back, he covers his eyes with his hand as if embarrassed. Fortunately, he doesn’t seem to have injured himself. Band leader RM immediately comes over to help him stand up. Other members are also seen laughing at their bandmate’s little mistake.

Fans have been swooning over V’s cute mishap, with one Twitter user summarizing the situation as, “V mistakenly hit Jin and fell down. Namjoon helped him to lift. Yoongi was laughing at that and forgot his position. Jin found him correct position.”

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It was also so heartwarming that RM tried to make sure if V was OK and that V answered with a large grin on his face.

Top 3 moments of BTS’ Citi Field concert in NYC

2. Jimin’s tears

Jimin, who’s known for being quite emotional, melted fans’ hearts again by breaking into tears. At the end of the concert, each member shared their feelings and had an intimate conversation with the crowd. RM introduced Jimin as “Mr. Fairy,” and the “Serendipity” singer started talking about how he’s grateful for his fans who helped make the show happen. He got so overwhelmed that his voice trembled slightly and he seemed on the verge of bursting into tears.

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Just as fans thought that he would successfully held his tears back, Jimin lost it and exploded into tears while saying a final goodbye to fans. The moment has been widely shared on Twitter, with comments such as, “Don’t cry Jimin” and “We will always love you.”

3. Members’ fluent English

What many global fans noticed about the seven bandmates during the concert was their improved English proficiency. While leader RM is already recognized as a fluent English speaker, other members also communicated with fans in English during the show.

For example, J-Hope said that he studied English hard in order to talk to international fans.

“I wanted to get closer to you guys so I did all my comments in English. I hope my true feelings were shown. This is a beautiful start with all of you guys,” he said during the concert.

Source: The Korea Herald

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