Top Autumn Destinations - Fall Foliage Sites in Korea

Top Autumn Destinations – Fall Foliage Sites in Korea

Korea is still a hot summer, but soon the autumn of the season comes to us. Cool temperatures and colors change from the vibrant greens of summer to a rich palette of red, orange and yellow, signaling the arrival of autumn. Though numerous areas across Korea offer brilliant displays of autumn leaves, the mountains are still considered the quintessential destination.

Seoraksan Mountain

Korea Fall Season TourWhen it comes to autumn destinations, the first mountain that comes to mind for most is Seoraksan Mountain. A feast for the eyes throughout the year, rich colors make Seoraksan a main attraction in autumn. There are plenty of hiking trails along the mountainside. When planning your hiking route, take into account that the best places to view leaves are Cheonbuldong Valley, Osaek Mineral Spring, Osaek Jujeongol and Baekdam Valley.

Odaesan Mountain

Top Autumn Destinations - Fall Foliage Sites in KoreaOdaesan Mountain’s vibrant fall foliage puts it on the map as an autumn destination. A popular vacation site year round, the mountain bustles with campers and guests at natural recreation forest lodges, especially during peak foliage season around mid-October. During busier times, the road from Myeonggae-ri, located to the north of Woljeongsa Temple, often offers more convenient access to Odaesan Mountain.

It is also the film site for the popular Korean Drama Goblin (Dokkaebi) that was first aired on December 2, 2016. Walk along the same path tread by the famous hallyu stars and discover the locations that can be brought us the heart-pounding Korean drama Dokkaebi.

Naejangsan Mountain

Korea Fall Season Tour - NAEJANGSAN 01Naejangsan is the most famous mountain in the Jeolla-do province, and the best mountain in Korea for viewing autumn’s crimson leaves. Inside the park, you will visit the famous Naejangsa temple. The temple is said to have been built by the Buddhist monk Yeongeunjosa in the year 636 of the Baekje Dynasty with many lovely autumn leaves. There are about 760 kinds of local plants, designated Natural Monuments, and various wild animals living inside Mt. Naejangsan Park. Enjoy the scenic hike as you enjoy the hillsides and pathways covered in a multitude of red, orange and yellow leaves.

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Naejangsan forms the core of Naejangsan National Park. It is located nearby the city of Jeongeup and is a very popular tourist destination, particularly in autumn due to its spectacular autumn foliage.

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Songnisan Mountain

Korea Fall Season Tour - SONGNISAN 01Mt. Songnisan is one of Korea’s most beautiful sites. The sharp granite peaks of Mt. Songnisan and the deep valleys of sedimentary rocks are spectacular. Mt. Songnisan’s deep valleys and the many Natural Monuments attract countless mountaineers and tourists. The fall foliage makes this place beautiful and feels like a magical fairyland.

Beopjusa Temple represents Songnisan Mountain, containing within it 1,500 years of history and a matching list of numerous National Treasures and Monuments. Here you can experience the Buddhist culture reflected in these artifacts.

Songnisan Mountain

Korea Fall Season Tour - Deogyusan 01Mt. Deogyusan is one of Korea’s tourist highlights with great scenic mountains. It showcases imposing steep rock walls and the red maple trees around cliffs make the mountain look like a giant red skirt in the Fall season. Also visit Anguksa Temple, which is an ancient temple built in 1227.

Jeoksangsanseong Fortress, Anguksa Temple, Guebul and many other relics are scattered throughout the park. Mt. Deogyusan boasts an abundance of beauty throughout all four seasons, and the 600 species of animals and plants, including the unique landscape of the yew trees, are especially eye-catching.

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Songnisan Mountain

Korea Fall Season Tour - DaedunsanDaedunsan is especially beautiful in the Fall season when its rock peaks are surrounded by the autumnal tints of turning leaves. It is no doubt one of South Korea’s most dramatic and memorable mountains to hike. The scenery is so breathtaking, which makes it a superb place to observe both autumn colors and many spots for photos.

The Geumgang Suspension Bridge that connects Imgeum Rock and Ipseokdae makes mountain climbing easier and at the same time you can enjoy the scenic view from 81 meters high.

Nami Island 

Nami Island WeddingNami Island is one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Korea. There are plenty of attractions throughout the four seasons, but in autumn, the whole island is yellow and red, creating a spectacular view. As it is close to Seoul, it is very popular with foreigners as well as Korean people. It is a tourist attraction that can not be missed in the fall.

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