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-From the 7th July, Korea Tourism Promotion Video “Explore Korea” will be sent out worldwide
-Production of popular original contents such as ‘Kingdom’: Stimulating the psychology of fans who want to visit Korea
-Korea Tourism Organization “Pre-emptive marketing campaign aimed at Post Corona”

The Korea Tourism Organization, in collaboration with the streaming service Netflix, unveiled a special video ‘Explore Korea’ on the 7th, which was created by collecting the unique beauty and charm of Korea in Netflix’s original content.

The video captures the unique attractions of Korean traditional clothes, palaces, and food, highlighting various aspects of the past, present, history, and culture, as well as lifestyle.
In particular, the popular Korean original content of Netflix, including <Kingdom>, which attracted worldwide attention to traditional clothing from the Joseon Dynasty, <You are the culprit,> and <Ring if you like> are included.
In addition, there are Original works that can meet various Korean cultures and trends appear like <Chef’s Table>, <Street food: Asia>, <Feed Phil>, <To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You> etc.

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Netflix also provides an ‘Explore Korea’ search collection* to make it easier to find and enjoy the original content featured in the Korean PR video on the Netflix service.
Enter ‘Explore Korea’ in the Netflix search box, or enter the relevant address ( on the webpage to check it immediately.
* A service that bundles the contents streamed by Netflix according to content or characteristics.

KTO plans to actively promote the beauty of Korea by posting KTO Overseas PR Representative YouTube (* and ‘Explore Korea’ Videos on SNS operated by the head office and overseas branches.
*URL :

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According to a study conducted by the Hallyu Tourism Market in 2019, Hallyu tourists had a 3.6%p higher intention to revisit than normal foreign visitors, and a 4.0%p higher in Korea’s recommended intention as a destination for tourism. It was found that it had an economic ripple effect of 16.1 billion dollars (about 19 trillion won).

Yeonghee Kim, Director of Hallyu Tourism Team said “People around the world who have an interest in Hallyu have a very high willingness to visit Korea at 62.5%.
In the course of COVID-19, we will strengthen the discovery and digital marketing of video tourism content so that 100 million Hallyu fans worldwide can indirectly experience their craving and excitement about Korea through K-drama and movies. Also, we will accelerate the preemptive marketing campaign to prepare post-corona for potential Hallyu Fans.”


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