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Daniel’s Photo Travelogue

Hey, this is Daniel Kim here. This COVID-19 makes us really depressing, as a travel company, we couldn’t make any profit since last March! International tourist numbers are projected to decline by between 58% and 78% from 2019 to 2020, the UN reports, which would result in a drop of 850 million to 1.1 billion...
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Hongdae Report - KPOP World Festival
Hongdae(Hongik University Street)is a neighborhood known for its youthful and romantic ambiance, underground culture, and freedom of self-expression, where my office is located. This is Hongdae Report, everyday life where the joyful young people’s heaven. KBS World KPOP Festival 2017 Didn’t know it’s happening as a matter of fact. But you know, there are always...
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