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TWICE wants fans ‘FANCY’ its mature, charismatic concept

TWICE wants fans 'FANCY' its mature, charismatic concept

“Adorable” and “bubbly” might be two adjectives that first come to people’s minds when thinking of the pan-Asian K-pop girl band TWICE. But they will do away with the stereotype once they hear the team’s latest release, “FANCY,” in which the members boast unforeseen maturity and charisma.

The nine-piece group has been rather passive with love themes in its previous numbers. But for its new lead track “FANCY,” the members passionately chase love, saying, “I will never let you go.”

“So far we have showed off our brightness a lot, hence we were afraid our fans might find this wearisome,” leader Jihyo said during a press event Monday at the YES24 Live Hall, Seoul. “So we attempted to transform ourselves to some degree while maintaining our originality.”

The members ― Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu ― wore all-black outfits to express maturity, but their performance still had their signature cute movements, Jihyo said.T

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Chaeyoung, a rapper, added: “This album will make a turning point in our career. We want to show TWICE’s different side.”

TWICE poses for photos during Monday’s press event for its new album, “FANCY YOU,” at the Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. Courtesy of JYP Entertainment

“FANCY” is a mellow pop song with trendy vibe and colorful sounds. Also included on the seventh mini-album “FANCY YOU” are five B-side songs: “Stuck in My Head,” “Girls Like Us,” “Hot,” “Turn It Up,” and “Strawberry.”

Jihyo, Momo, Sana and Chaeyoung contributed lyrics for most of them.

“I wrote the lyrics for ‘Hot,'” Momo said. “At first, it was demanding to do the job alone but I tried to express my feelings and reveal TWICE’s confidence.”

Jeongyeon added: “I would like to get involved in the song-making in the future, if I have an opportunity.”

TWICE recently rewrote music history by becoming the first K-pop girl band to have a dome tour of Japan. It held concerts at three dome-covered stadiums in March and April, attracting some 210,000 people.

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“I was pressured to have a dome tour but I strived to exhibit better performances as I knew how challenging it was to seize a chance to throw gigs at the domes,” Tzuyu said. “I was so thankful and honored.”

The band is also set to embark on a world tour. From May 25, it will head for nine cities around the world, including Los Angeles and Bangkok.

“It is the first time for us to give solo concerts in the U.S.,” Nayeon said. “I am looking forward to seeing our followers around the globe.”

Jihyo also revealed all members love concerts, saying: “For us, having a concert is not about setting a record. A concert is a festival TWICE and our fans enjoy together.”

Source: The Korea Times, JYP Entertainment

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