[Video] BTS Jimin's surprise V-Live | HaB Korea.net

[Video] BTS Jimin’s surprise V-Live

[Video] BTS Jimin's surprise V-Live

BTS Jimin’s surprise news on Naver V LIVE caused a real-time search and real-time trend of Naver’s Twitter account to be covered with V-app after a server was down by a flood of users.

“Jimin of BTS Live: I’m here” through the Naver V-app the next day after midnight after finishing her Love Yourself world tour in Singapore on 19th January.

To watch Jimin’s V-app, there were a lot of people all over the world and the applications were completely down.

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As the V-app application did not work, countless fans searched for ways to watch Jimin’s V-Live broadcast, and Naver’s real-time search keyword became number one on V-App, and V-Live was a hike in the rankings.

On Twitter, “Jimin” topped the trend in Singapore, Austria, Japan and Algeria, while “Our Jimin” and “V App Server” ranked side-by-side, and “V-Live” in the U.K. were all the rage of BTS residents in Korea and abroad.

Jimin’s V-Live, which left a record of 3.85 million viewers in real time despite the server’s down, explained how she started working on his first song, “Promise.”

Jimin said, ‘The situation may be difficult, but let’s not make it difficult for me. Let’s not speak ill of me.’ So, the keyword “promise” came to mind. I hope many people listen to this. I hope this song will comfort them as well,” Jimin said. “I think I worked on it with the promise,” expressing his affection for the comfort of many people.

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