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[Video] BTS Jimmy Kimmel Live mini Concert

Idol group BTS are sweeping show business in US.

The BTS came to the United States at the invitation of ‘AMA (American Music Awards)’ on the 15th November came up to the ABC ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ mini concert at 10:45 am on 16th following the appearance of CBS ‘James Corden’s The Late Rate Show’. Tickets were sold out as soon as they opened. “Jimmy Kimmel Live” studio recording is scheduled for 20th November.

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And as always, their stage footage shot by fans was released online. The scene in the video was filled with the voice of fans shouting the name of the members with accurate Korean sound as well as the sound of a big shout that seems like “It is not Korea?”.

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The BTS will perform at ‘2017 AMA’ in Los Angeles on the 19th. Jimmy Kimmel live stage footage released by a YouTuber. Check that out.

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