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VR theme park in Seoul, a brilliant experience beyond reality

VRIGHT, which is located opposite Sinchon Station on the Gyeongui–Jungang Line, is a VR (Virtual Reality) theme park, which KT and GS Retail [007070] introduced together at the beginning of March 2018. It has become popular enough to find 4,000 people in a month after its opening.

Visitors can watch VR videos and enjoy car racing, bobsleighing, shooting, space travel and a variety of other sports and leisure activities

From roller coaster and car racing to live space war games, you can enjoy one stop without the trouble of going far to find similar activities in real life.

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VR theme park in Seoul, a brilliant experience beyond reality

What attracted the most attention was the ‘flying jets’ on the second floor adventure zone. When you loaded with a game console and used an HMD (head display device), and at some point you will be flying through the downtown building forest like Iron Man. A gaming device that moves wildly everywhere along the flight path has further enhanced reality.

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VR Theme Park VRIGHT

In the wireless VR game ‘Special Force VR’, every time the extraterrestrial shooter hit the gun, hitting vibration was felt through the vest. In addition, unlike other VR games, the HMD was wireless and could move freely. Thanks to the anti-shake technology, the dizziness of the VR game was hardly felt.

Space battle that defeats spaceships and robots Adam that defeats aliens has become as fun as the characters in science fiction movies.

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The VR game zone on the third floor is similar to a karaoke room. You will be able to enjoy about 30 types of VR games such as shooting and puzzles for 15 minutes in 7 rooms with 3-4 people. KT officials said that there are many family visitors on the weekend so room reservations are tight.

VR theme park in Seoul, a brilliant experience beyond reality

On the opposite side of the VR game zone, you can experience AR (Augmented Reality) sports “HADO”, which is played by using the game. Actually, after 5 minutes, the amount of exercise was enough to sweat.

KT said it plans to establish similar facilities throughout Seoul offering unmatched VR technology with the aim of generating 10 billion won (US$9.2 million) in revenues in the sector by 2020.

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