Wanna One Asia Fan Meeting - Philippines on October 13

Wanna One Asia Fan Meeting – Philippines on October 13

Wanna One Asia Fan Meeting - Philippines on October 13

Wanna One, composed of the 11 winners of the Korean TV show “Produce 101” Season 2, will be holding a fan meeting in Manila on Oct. 13

Wanna One will be showcasing in Singapore on October 22, Hong Kong on October 3, Taiwan on October 7, and the Philippines on October 13, starting with a fan meeting on September 16 in Thailand. It is also possible with the ability of the agency to arrange overseas schedules. According to YMC Entertainment, managing director of Warner One, Asian fan meetings are sold out every time bookings are held. It is a glimpse of the popularity of Wanna One.

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Asian fan meetings are expected to be between 3,000 and 5,000 seats each time. It is not big in scale. But the story is different, given that Wanna One is a rookie who is only 40 days old now.

Wanna One gained explosive popularity in Korea even before their debut. Through the cable channel Mnet ‘Produced 101 Season 2’, members attracted fans who directly participated in the selection of members. Wanna One started their formal activities on August 7, but Wanna One was able to secure solid fandom.

On the other hand, overseas fans did not have a chance to participate in Wanna One member selection. If there are 5,000 fans participating in the fan meeting in the field, the actual number of fans is expected to reach several times.

YMC Entertainment official said, “Even if I watch the contents broadcast in Korea through the Internet or a smart phone, it is a different matter to be a real fan. As there was no opportunity to participate in the selection of members like Korean fans, It should be said that the charm of this is the driving force.”

Wanna One is a K Culture Festival held annually by CJ Group, which owns Mnet. It was also very popular with KCON held in Los Angeles last month. Wanna One’s global popularity is starting to increase, raising expectations for how big it will be in the future. Wanna One has added another powerful momentum to the K-pop Hallyu.

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