Wanna One received first settlement after debut

Wanna One received first settlement after debut

Group Wanna One, who was born through a survival program ‘Produce 101’, was informed that they had received their first settlement after debut. The amount of first settlement is 150 million won per member’s company.

Each member of Wanna One earns 150 million won, but this money is not passed on to the members. The amount paid to each member differs according to the contract between the agency and the member.

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The members reportedly signed a contract with their agency from 7: 3 to 5: 5. As a result, Kim Jae-hwan, who entered Mnet ‘Produce 101’ as a personal trainee and contracted with his agency later, was found to have the most share.

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In this settlement, the portion of the advertisement guarantee, the music record, and the sound source revenue are missing. An official said, “Most of the settlement amount is excluded this time, and the amount to be settled later will be larger.”

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