Wanna One unveiled a music video of 'Beautiful'

Wanna One unveiled a music video of ‘Beautiful’

Wanna One has returned to the beautiful appearance of ‘Unstable Youth’.

Wanna One unveiled a music video of ‘Beautiful’, the title song of ‘1-1 = 0 (Nothing Without You)’ at 6 pm on the 13th November. The title song ‘Beautiful’ depicts the winds of the past, which were expressed by fear of the past alone and longing for longing.

Emotional melodies, intense hip-hop beat, and a sad voice combined with beautiful times and lyrics that miss a beautiful existence.

Wanna One

The music video of ‘Beautiful’ was produced as a ‘Movie Version’ that shows Wanna One’s unique appearance and special story and ‘Performance Version’ that expresses the mood of the song.

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Especially, the movie version directed by Yong Lee and actress Cha Seung Won appeared to enhance perfection.

At the press conference held at Yongsan in Seoul, Wanna One’s leader Yun Jae-seong explained, “I prepared two versions of Wanna One in order to show us to my fans more often.”

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Hwang Min Hyun said, “There are some members who have played the drama and some have not, some members felt the charm of the drama after the filming. At first I was awkward and tense a lot, but everybody worked hard and got a great video.” He said. “Especially, it was an honor to see actor Cha Seung Won playing with us”

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When asked who was the best actor, Kang Daniel said, “The person who performed the best act is Ong Seong Wu,” he said. “I was awkward and I learned a lot with the help from him.”

Kang Daniel and Ong Seong Wu played a brother who broke up when they were young and led a music video.

On the other hand, this album contains 11 songs including ‘Beautiful’, ‘Nothing Without You’, ‘I wanna Have’, and ‘Twilight’.

In addition, ‘Energetic’ and ‘Burn it up’ are recorded as a remix track along with the original song, especially the live version of ‘Wanna be (My baby)’ is available only on CD.

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