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What foods can boost immunity fight against COVID-19?

With the spread of the new coronal virus(COVID-19) infection, attention is rising to “Enhancing immunity” to prevent infection as anxiety grows. What foods can boost immunity in everyday life?

What foods can boost immunity fight against COVID-19?

Ginseng and Red ginseng

Ginseng and red ginseng, known to be good for health, are health foods certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety to strengthen immunity, relieve fatigue, improve blood flow and enhance memory.

A city of Yeongju, which specializes in ginseng, explained, “The Yeongju Punggi ginseng, which grows on the foot of Sobaeksan Mountain, which has a high daily dose and a wide daily temperature difference, contains 36 types of effective saponin, which is known to have excellent immune system effects, compared to other countries’ ginseng, 19 types in the U.S. and 15 types in China,” adding that it contains many Rg3 (anti-cancer drugs).

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What foods can boost immunity fight against COVID-19?

Green tea and Black tea

It is also good to drink green tea and black tea frequently in your daily life. This is because the catechin component of green tea, the theaflavin component of black tea, has the effect of suppressing virus intrusions and in vivo proliferation. A Harvard study found that people who drank five cups of black tea a day for two weeks are 10 times more powerful than people who just drank hot water.

What foods can boost immunity fight against COVID-19?

Garlic and Ginger

When the tea is boiled to prevent or treat colds in winter, ginger is often added together. This is because ginger is effective in activating the activity of the “T-cell” immune cells that destroy infected cells.

In addition, garlic, which is often used in Korean food, is known to be effective against colds because it is rich in “allicin,” which is good for strengthening immunity. A British study also found that people who ate garlic were two-thirds less likely to catch a cold.

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What foods can boost immunity fight against COVID-19?

Mackerel and Salmon

Eating mackerel or salmon rich in omega-3 fatty acids also helps strengthen the immune system. Omega-3s, unsaturated fatty acids, have the effect of enhancing the function of white blood cells to strengthen the immune system.

What foods can boost immunity fight against COVID-19?

Shiitake and Phellinus linteus Mushrooms

Mushrooms, including Phellinus linteus mushrooms, which are also commonly known for medicinal purposes, contain “beta-glucan” that boosts immunity. This is also why people often drink boiled mushrooms drink at home.

This beta-glucan ingredient is also found in various grains such as barley and oats, so ingesting these grains also helps boost immunity.

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