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It’s a perfect autumn day for the picnic. Nothing is so good as maple to smell the autumn. It is difficult to get to the streets of the national park and to get to the foliage in the nearby city. There is Nami Island near Seoul, a suitable place to go for a one-day picnic.

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Why don't you take a photo trip to Nami Island this fall?

Nami Island, “Songpa Ginkgo-gil,” was named because ginkgo trees from Songpa-gu, Seoul are covered with piles of yellow waves. The road strewn with soft ginkgo leaves stretches from the central plaza to the villa for as long as 100 meters. In front of the Songpa ginkgo road, all children and adults fall in love.

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You can’t forget to walk along the riverside trail with your lover. The long line of autumnal leaves along the riverside trail is always fresh. Turning your head to the left, the Bukhangang River flows quietly, and the long-lined maple trees on the right make the walking person’s heartthrob. Especially, walking with one’s lover gave the nickname “Lover’s forest path.”

Why don't you take a photo trip to Nami Island this fall?

“Baekpungmilwon Garden” has a wide grass of 100 colorful maple leaves. Southeast Asian tourists who never seen autumn are busy taking pictures with the fall foliage background. It’s also fun to watch the Eurasian Red Squirrel and the squirrel scurrying around for food.

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Why don't you take a photo trip to Nami Island this fall?

The tree that comes to mind when you think of Nami Island is Metasequoia. However, Metasequoia is the last tree on Nami Island to have a maple leaf. The time when the green metasequoia leaves turn brown and the brown color fade away, the picture taken underneath becomes a masterpiece.

Nami Island fall foliage season starts in mid-October and lasts until the end of November. Why don’t you take a trip to Nami Island this fall, which is just an hour away from Seoul and full of good autumn walks?

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