If you have ever been to Everland in the winter, you will go again. Because even though the weather is cold, Everland has a special attractions for those who are looking for something very special.

Everland prepared a golden Christmas for the happiest winter.

Everland Winter Christmas special (1)

Winter is the Everland showing the real charm

True “Everland fans” say they enjoy wintertime. Because of the cold weather, winter is relatively less than in spring or autumn.

A little bit cold, but without the waiting time, the charm of exciting attractions and the bling bling pretty photo spots, once in a lifetime photos with a loved one makes you forget the cold.

Why Winter Everland is more special?

The night of Christmas, the night view at Magic Garden

Magic Garden is Christmas’s biggest main point. It is more colorful and beautiful than any light festival. As every place that turns your eyes is a photo spot, it was a pretty place that one can not miss.

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Why Winter Everland is more special?Why Winter Everland is more special?Why Winter Everland is more special?

Santa House & Rudolph Village

This is Santa House in the center of Magic Garden. This is one of the best places to take couples or family photos. Even Everland staff would be kind enough to help you shoot, so if you want to take a group photo, ask for help.

Why Winter Everland is more special?

Full of the romantic atmosphere at Romantic tower tree

If you are dating at Everland, you can be in a romantic atmosphere at the romantic tower. You may fall in love with a romantic atmosphere.

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Why Winter Everland is more special?

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Take a tour around Magic Garden

Santa House, Rudolph Village, the romantic tower tree, as well as every place in Magic Garden, with a more romantic feel than Christmas.

Why Winter Everland is more special?Why Winter Everland is more special? Why Winter Everland is more special?

Starlight Zoo at the Global Fair

At the global fair you can meet the glittering animals like starlight, as soon as you enter Everland, you will be on the side of the visible magic tree straight ahead.

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Why Winter Everland is more special?

Aesop Village has a golden sky

Photo Spot which displayed many colorful umbrellas and was loved by many people! The starlight umbrella length has turned into an umbrella road full of new golden umbrellas for the Christmas festivities.

You can feel something more elegant and stylish! Selfies are required here!

Why Winter Everland is more special? Why Winter Everland is more special?Why Winter Everland is more special?

Moonlight Parade

Moonlight Parade is also fun to watch! It is good to look at each other happily, hugging the shoulders.

Performers who come to seeing guests and give a high-five while enjoying the parade are more enjoyable. If you are with a child, go unconditionally!

Why Winter Everland is more special?

Magic in the Sky Fireworks Show

Magic in the Sky decorating the end of Everland is a necessity, not an option. It’s time to hear the greatest shout and admiration, and a short but impressive fantastic moment overwhelming every mood.

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