Will BTS’s Jin be able to postpone Military Service admission?

Will BTS's Jin be able to postpone Military Service admission?

BTS was the first Korean singer to be ranked first on the Billboard main single chart ‘Hot 100’, and a petition for their military service exemption appeared.
Military service exemption is not possible under the current law, but recently the ruling party of the government is pushing for the amendment of the Military Service Act, which can postpone enlistment for those who have raised the national prestige among outstanding people in the field of pop culture and art.

In connection with the petition for military service exemption, which has been raised several times over the past few years, BTS has revealed its position on military service obligations, saying, “I will fulfill my duty of Military Service when the country calls it.”
Even though they have revealed their intention not to avoid enlistment, they have been at the center of the issue, with opinions from some to waive their military service obligations as they succeeded in winning the Billboard 200 several times.

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One netizen filed a petition through the e-People to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism requesting the benefits of the military service of BTS, which had been promoted to the national prestige of ‘Hot 100’.

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Under the current law, BTS is in a situation where the eldest brother Jin, born in 1992, must enlist within this year as long as there is no change.
However, the possibility of delaying enlistment is increasing as the ruling party is known to be pursuing amendments to the Military Service Act to delay enlistment even for those who have raised the national prestige as excellent people in the field of popular culture and arts.

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In recognition of the spread of the Korean Wave in 2018, BTS was the first idol singer to receive the Hwagwan Culture Medal from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, so if this revised bill passes, it is expected that postponement will be possible.
Above all, the revised bill is known to have partially sympathized with the Ministry of National Defense under the leadership of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the issue of the enlistment of BTS is expected to continue.

SOURCE: MK Starnews

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