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Win KRW 5 Million – Seoul Hosts Global I·SEOUL·U Video & Photo Contest

Seoul will be hosting the Global I·SEOUL·U Video & Photo Contest to advertise the value, charm, and identity of I·SEOUL·U, the original brand of Seoul city and to build and spread its image as a citizen-driven city brand.

The Global I·SEOUL·U Video & Photo Contest will be held with the two categories of video content and photographs under the theme “Coexistence, Passion, and Leisure,” the keywords that identify Seoul’s I·SEOUL·U brand. The application period is from August 5 to September 30.

Not only can regular citizens who are interested in and supportive of the brand of Seoul participate, but also foreigners can participate in the Global I·SEOUL·U Video & Photo Contest. Specifically, special prizes will be awarded to children and group (club, team, etc.) participants.

Applications can be submitted online. Applicants should download the form and fill it out to submit online together with their work ( Foreign applicants can submit the form and artwork via e-mail (

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Among the submitted works, 59 pieces will be selected through three rounds of screening and offered the Seoul Mayor’s Award. The total amount of prize money will amount to KRW 30 million. The selected pieces will be exhibited in public places, such as Seoul Citizens Hall, and recorded in a catalog and a booklet for the promotion of the city’s policies.

The list of selected items will be announced on Seoul’s website at the end of October and the winners will receive up to KRW 5 million of prize money (from a total of KRW 30 million in prize money).

Win KRW 5 Million - Seoul Hosts Global I·SEOUL·U Video & Photo Contest

Overview of the Contest

Period: August 5 (Wed.) – September 30 (Mon.), 2019

Theme: “Coexistence, Passion, and Leisure,” the keywords that identify Seoul’s brand I·SEOUL·U

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Eligibility: Any citizen who is interested in the brand of Seoul (Korean or foreign)

Contest Categories & How to Submit: Online application (

Video: Film, advertisement, music video, flash mob, interview, streaming (BJ), etc.
‣ Any video, from 10 seconds to five minutes long, uploaded on SNS, such as YouTube. The link must be submitted.

Photo: Digital or printed photo
‣ Digital photo (jpg., smaller than 20MB), printed photo (11″×14″)
To be used for: Spreading on Seoul’s SNS channels (videos), exhibition (photos)

Awards (KRW 30 million for 59 pieces)
Category / AwardsVideoPhoto
Grand Prize1, KRW 5 million
Gold Medal1KRW 3 million1KRW 2 million
Silver Medals2KRW 2 million2KRW 1 million
Bronze Medals5KRW 1 million5KRW 500,000
Participants’ Prizes30, KRW 100,000
Special Prizes10 Children’s awards, KRW 50,000
2 Group’s awards, KRW 1.5 million
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