WINNER, The First Boy Group who Challenge Girl Group's song.

WINNER, The First Boy Group who Challenge Girl Group’s song.

Marvelous stage of Winner was screened on ‘Steal song’, of SBS ‘Party people of Park Jin Yeong’.

winner of party people

‘Steal Song’ is a special stage for ‘Party People’, where the invited singer reinterprets the songs of other singers that he usually wanted to take away once in his own style.

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WINNER going to be the first boy group who takes the song of a girl group. WINNER ‘s “Steal Song” is a hit song of the ‘Wonder Girls’s ‘NOBODY ‘, which brought retro dance frenzy to Korea in 2008. WINNER, who focuses on the stage full of men’s beauty, aroused viewer’s curiosity about what the group stage cover is.

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winner of party people

Producer Park, who watched ‘NOBODY’ performance by WINNER , said, “It is a stage that takes good advantage of each member. They are really smart young people, “he said. Winner’s ‘NOBODY’ stage, in which the members organized themselves in a Tropical House genre with more lyrics and rap lyrics, can be found on ‘Party People’ on Saturday night, Aug,26th.

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