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YG Entertainment’s Celeb bear “Krunk” with GRÉVIN Museum Seoul

YG Entertainment's Celeb bear "Krunk" with GRÉVIN Museum Seoul

YG Entertainment’s Celeb bear “Krunk” now meets at the GRÉVIN Museum Seoul.

GRÉVIN Museum Seoul, the world’s best celebrity wax museum from Paris, will hold a special collaboration exhibition “Let’s have fun with Krunk at Grevin Museum!” from July 27 to October 14 to commemorate the third anniversary of the museum.

Since its opening, the GRÉVIN Museum has been carrying out new and unusual events through various cultural contents and collaborations. This time, Krunk will organize a special meeting with visitors.

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YG Entertainment's Celeb bear "Krunk" with GRÉVIN Museum Seoul YG Entertainment's Celeb bear "Krunk" with GRÉVIN Museum Seoul

Krunk is a popular character who has appeared in various music videos of YG Entertainment’s artists such as G-Dragon, Winner, Lee Hi, etc. He has been working as a solo artist since he released “I Can’t Bear” music video in 2017. Krunk is expected to further solidify his image as a Celeb bear character through this collaborative exhibition with the GRÉVIN Museum, which can meet the stars from all over the world.

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YG Entertainment's Celeb bear "Krunk" with GRÉVIN Museum Seoul

Visitors to this exhibition will be able to meet a 150-cm large crunk and five BIG BANG members Krunk with G-Dragon at the GRÉVIN Museum’s Hall of Fame, where global stars gather in one place. Also featured is a collection of well-known writers on the theme of Krunk, including Bubble KRUNK, Melted KRUNK, Cosmic KRUNK and Artist Monelli’s SUPER COMBI and KRUNK MASK, both of London’s contemporary art artists Steven Wilson also be exhibited.

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Various events are held to commemorate this special exhibition. You can present a limited edition souvenir badge to customers purchasing the Krunk special package. If you find a Krunk hidden in the Grevin Museum, you can receive hotel accommodation, Krunk sunglasses, hats, and Kuntoy figures. Krunk’s MD products are also available at the souvenir shop on the first floor, which will provide excitement to visitors to the GRÉVIN Museum.

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