Yongin Farmland to Everland, Korea's best theme park

Yongin Farmland to Everland, Korea’s best theme park

Yongin Farmland

The Age of Yongin Farmland (1976 – 1996)

Yongin Farmland was opened on Saturday, April 17, 1976 in Jeon Dae-ri, Poonggok-myeon, Yongin-gun, Gyeonggi-do. It was not a good name for the amusement park, but it is also because it was the first time the nature farm was not the same theme park, but the name zoo + safari, various plants and nature scenery were the main concept. Until the mid-1980s, rides were not merely focused, but incidental. In fact, there was a cartoon in the early 1990s that enshrined a child going to a nature farm to climb a mountain on Mt. Sorak.

In the 1990s, when Lotte World showed off the theme parks, mainly parades and festivals, the nature farms will also present the event. As the scenery is outstanding, the theme is set for each season, and it spreads in such a festival type. In addition, it was used as the BGM of CF by making its own theme song in 1991 when it abandoned the existing Blue Nara Bum whether it was stimulated by the Lotte World theme song.

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The Age of Everland (1996 – Present)

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After the 20th anniversary of its opening in March 1996, it abandoned the name of the Yongin Farmland that it used to date and adopted Everland as the new name of the theme park. It was not an easy decision to use the English brand Everland instead of the familiar name. At that time, it was said that changing the name of Everland was pronounced like a caterpillar as a Korean pronunciation, but they decided to go with that name for the world market. In fact, it is also true that the name of the Yongin Farmland has become unfamiliar in a situation where the management policy based on existing natural scenery has become somewhat meaningless since the year 2010. It is a wise choice.

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In 1996, when the name was changed, the ‘Global Fair’, which is a representation of the world’s buildings, was newly established in the entrance of Everland. In that summer, they established the largest water park in the world, the Caribbean Bay, including accommodation, golf course, etc., has become bigger and larger, and the number of visitors has increased tremendously. In 2006, it became the Everland Resort, the largest resort complex in Korea. It seems like they need to distinguish Samsung Everland from Samsung Group’s corporate governance structure. Everland Resort is home to a theme park “Everland” with a zoo and various amusements, “Caribbean Bay”, a water park, “Home Bridge”, and a public golf course “Glenorch”. The cultural facility ‘Hoam Art Museum’ is also in the Everland Resort. The area is an eco-friendly area with a 500-meter-high lake and a lake. Everland Resort has the largest snow sled in the country.

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Everland has become the best theme park in Korea. In 2001, the cumulative number of visitors exceeded 100 million. On August 19, 2013, Everland’s cumulative number of visitors exceeded 200 million. There was a tremendous improvement in terms of facilities. In 2004, ‘Rocksville’ was born with rock music. In 2005, ‘Aesop Village’, the motto of ‘The Biggest Children’s Book in the World’. In 2008, T-Express, the first domestic coaster in Korea, was introduced. In 2013, the amphibious safari ‘Lost Valley’ was born. In 2016, ‘Panda World’ was born.

In 2016, Everland celebrated its 40th anniversary and the 20th anniversary of its use as Everland.

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